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Welcome to the most comprehensive London tourist guide on the net! Here you can find information on how to get around, typical as well as quirky things to do, cultural activities and "free" or "cheap" London!

The universal icon and capital of the English-speaking world, London is one of the most cultured of all cities, housing top art collections and historic treasures. For live theater and concerts, London is absolutely second to none, and you will see the best of many top artists who will pull out all the stops for a great review in the London Times. Britain has a checkered history that can tickle every quirky palate, and the evidence has been preserved as part of a rich tradition. London's royal institutions (like its palaces and Westminster Abbey) create fascination for all visitors; yet there is the full range of touristic experience to counter that dignity, from eclectic markets to the downright seedy in Soho!

Is London safe? Like every truly major city, it has its share of urban issues. But it is interesting that the London "bobbies" (police) do not carry firearms, and if one is streetsmart (being aware of pickpockets etc.), one can have a very safe and enjoyable trip. You will also find Londoners (and English people in general) to be patient (standing in line or queueing for buses or ticket "returns") and very humorous, with an extraordinary ability to laugh at themselves. London is also a huge melting pot, attracting visitors and temporary residents from all over the world. It is also a city that makes its cultural attractions very accessible to students.

In short, London is a city that must be visited in one's lifetime.

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